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Thread: Looking for my friends

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    Looking for my friends

    Hey fellows, I'm Glad I found where my friends went, I Have'nt been on our old teamspeak for while and these guy's drifted into Tacpack and the Superhornet that I also have but I fell ill and got left behind on training with them. I have been flying fsx since it came out and recently have gotten into DCS. Every now and then I see a name of one of these guy's pop into the old Teamspeak and it took me the longest time to finally find them, Please let them know that Ɖude™ ☮ ✈ has asked about them and to please try and contact me,, Guy's, I have no intention to recruit them away, I do hope to catch up and maybe fly with them again. So please inform Canforce03 Cap3 Lon and Canforce05 Dragonfly Ken that I was here.


    Ɖude™ ☮ ✈

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    You are welcome to join and fly with Lon and Ken, and everyone else here if you still have FSX with TacPack and the Superhornet! Simply apply for 3 Wing vRCAF in the forums and we'll get you processed!
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